Customized Individual or Team Gear

You would not trust your competitive setup to just anyone, why do you think your gear is any different?  Pinned has a large network of the absolute best manufactures we work to provide your team or riding group with the best riding gear so you can take full advantage of your teams branding potential.

Have you ever seen the wired up, epoxy, taped “fixes” that some folks attempt?   Say to yourself .. it would have taken just as much time to fix it right?  Exactly –

We have those stories too – however most of the time its fixing someones failed attempt to “get close”.

Fabrics are not just cotton or wool any longer, colors are not green, yellow, blue and red .. On top of that, we are much more demanding on our gear – make sure if your going to spend the time and money that its done right.

We have 15 years in this business – let us help you make the right decision and have fun doing it.  So send us a message – we look forward to hear from you!