Back Country Access (BCA) – Mountain Pro Tunnel Bag Cargo Mounting Plate Ski-Doo Linq


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The Back Country Access (BCA) Mountain Pro Tunnel Bag Mounting Rack

Aligning with one of the best tunnel bags on the market, Pinned has developed a light weight, versatile, cost effective yet sturdy solution to mount your Back Country Access (BCA) Mountain Pro Tunnel Bag.   Originally designed specifically for Ski Doo, this solution supports many mounting options (Such found on Polaris, Artic Cat and Yamaha) to keep your bag off of the tunnel and eliminate straps that get ice bound round tunnel mounts.

Leveraging this plate, riders can also choose to outfit their machine with the Ski Doo LinQ OEM mounts to adapt the LinQ system to other makes, models and years.

Mounting is easy with the included hardware that secures the plate to your Ski Doo LinQ pre-determined locations (note: plate requires the use of two LinQ locations).   In addition, the installer may elect to re-mount the original LinQ brackets on top of the newly installed plate and swap between bag to gas can without the need to remove the plate.   This makes the MTN Pro Rack one of the most versatile and cost effective solutions on the market.   (note: Hardware is not included however available from Pinned directly or your local hardware store with a parts list included in instruction manual consisting of 8 bolts).

As the plate was designed specifically for the BCA Mtn Pro tunnel bag, you can be assured the fit is ideal and will not slide around on your tunnel and assuring an air-gap to improve bag performance in wet conditions.

As a BCA reseller, Pinned also offers package deals on Mtn Pro Racks & Bags.

Whats included:

1x Pro Rack
8x Mounting Standoffs
16 Washers
16 Button Head Stainless Fasteners

* Currently all orders are shipped satin black

Note: Bag intended for Ski Doo machines with LinQ alignment however provides universal mounting with Polaris, Arctic Cat and Yamaha with a change to the mounting points.  Please contact us with further questions.

Mounting Instructions can be located here:
Pinned MTN Pro Tunnel Rack Mount System Install Directions

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 6 in

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