Yamaha A-Arm Guards

A-Arm Guard & Float Plate Protection for Yamaha Snowmobiles

We know a lot of mountain riders prefer Yamaha however weight can sometimes be an issue.  We have great feedback from customers on how well the a-arm guards allow for floatation in deep snow and allow for much better handling and side hilling.  With the angle of defection, this kit doubles to keep you’re a-arms above the snow and offer protection if you happen to hit an unforeseen object (it happens, its snow).  Many like to wrench on their machines but no one really enjoys spending wasted time in the shop to get it back to the same as it once was.    Not only are our a-arm guards a great way to protect a frontal hit, it helps distribute the impact over four of the cushion clamps that attach the guard to your a-arm.   The impact is now better evenly distributed yet flexible to allow a better resolution.   We build our products out of lightweight aluminum and stainless hardware allowing for the most durable protection while keeping weight in mind.

We hear from satisfied customers all of the time commenting how the a-arm guards have saved the day and without the added protection of the a-arm guards they would have been done for the day/trip. They now realize the upward deflection and use of non-marring stainless clamps deflects obstacles under you’re a-arms and the impact across the flexible clamps allowing for give as needed yet rigidity to the impact. In fact, we have even seen the use of the plate as a shock mount when a hit to the upper a-arm broke a shock. (it’s amazing how creative we can all become when you’re in the back woods)

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