Ski-Doo A-Arm Guards

A-Arm Guard & Float Plate Protection for Ski-Doo Snowmobiles

Ski-Doo’s are known to have a few weak points (arguably by design) and many companies have come to the rescue with bracing and all sorts of things to help.  Although we ride with this added bracing in mind as well but have found that the use of the Pinned Performance A-Arm Guard / Float Plates help deflect the impact away from light weight parts while distributing more evenly the impact up and away from a crippling blow to your a-arms.

We can’t tell you how many times we hear from satisfied customers that they for sure would have been done for the day without the added protection of the a-arm guards.   The upward deflection and use of non-marring stainless clamps deflects obstacles under you’re a-arms and the impact across the flexible clamps allowing for give as needed yet rigidity to the impact.   In fact, we have even seen the use of the plate as a shock mount when a hit to the upper a-arm broke a shock.  (it’s amazing how creative we can all become when you’re in the back woods)

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