A-Arm Protection

Our riding styles have changed; as our machines Pinned Performance Pro Series A-arm protectors / float plateshave become more capable, we end up in areas we never thought we would try to tackle and continue to push the boundaries of our setups every time we are out. Even though we become a little less fearless, it doesn’t mean that, magically, we concurred the taurine; we maybe just got a little lucky. The next time you hit that half buried tree, rock or post, you will quickly understand what we are talking abot. it happens and that’s why we created “A-Arm Protection Float Plates.”

Available for: Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo & Yamaha

Fitment Guide

Flat Land Protection:

Trail sleds are a blast when the conditions are good, and you’re out with your buddies sticking rails and pinning straights. It’s what your sled was set up for. It’s what you love … we get it!

Ditches? Things can get a little dicier when you realize that you need to cut across a few ditches to make it to the next trail head. You’re in a location you don’t know that well, and the ice chunks from plows and tips of fence posts can become a day ending experience.

Solution: The aluminum construction, stainless hardware, and engineering that went into this product elevate your momentum over the obstacle when hit by the a-arm to allow your sled to navigate past and keep you out for the day. The overall design of the product allows the impact to be absorbed in cushion clamps and be mindful of transferring that energy to other critical areas of your sled.

Off Trail Performance? It’s hard to have a machine set up for every condition you may run into… your front end is wider, and your skis narrower than your buddy’s, who is out playing in the field off trail.

Solution: You’re a-Arm protection also doubles as floatation off trail (believe us, it’s crazy just how much). So now, you can not only have a good time whipping around, you don’t have to be the one on the side of the trial, waiting for your friends to come back.

In a perfect world, we would see everything, stay clear of the danger, and go about our day – just doesn’t happen that way all of the time. So, double down on adding protection and floatation to your snowmobile at less than the cost of one a-arm replacement.

Backwoods Protection:

If we had to define a sweet spot for the A-Arm protection and Float Plates, this would be it. Your riding day probably looks a lot like ours in that we hit a few trails to get it from point A to B, and we are constantly looking for the sugar pot of snow that remains untouched. We are relentlessly looking for the lines to hit in the backwoods that give us that exhilaration and adrenaline rush, driving us to become a better rider.

Over the hill and…? Problem is, why is it untouched, and what the heck is under that fresh snow? It’s happened in the past. It will probably happen again. You snag that tree, bend that a-arm, and break that shock. Guess what – you’re in a bad place for this to happen.

Solution: We are not all experts. Sometimes, we get stuck on a line that may not have been the best, and now it’s all about getting out without impact. The added floatation provides extra time needed when judging the next move and minimizes the impact on hesitation, where riding unprotected, you may find yourself sinking in a hole.

Trees are for traction, Right? Riding back woods, it’s typically tree stumps and rocks that change the outlook of the day and rest of the trip. Note: Although saplings become no real concern any longer, we don’t encourage you to take them out.

Solution: Engineered, not only for added floatation, the angle of the plates have been matched to offer the best protection to provide lift over the obstacles under the snow. The installation hardware and engineering also provides an amount of give, so if you do impact the front of the sled, it will absorb energy, thus, not simply pushing on to the frame or other components, and lift you over the object (depending on size of course).

Mountain Protection:

What we are able to do on the mountains has evolved in a relatively short amount of time. We went from a 136” not that long ago to over 174”with a 3” paddle … that means, we can find ourselves in some interesting spots from time to time. Our float plates are well suited in the mountains, providing both a-arm protection and floatation with one simple addition.

Did you uncover a hidden gem last year? There’s nothing like hitting the mountains after some fresh snow to do a few drops and side hilling – it’s the feeling we all live for when we are out in the steep-n-deep. But, have you ever looked up what you’re riding over on a satellite view from the summer? It can be a little scary to say the least; one of your favorite passes you found last year may actually be 4 foot boulders under all that snow.

Solution: We all take risks when looking for that perfect snow; however, we no longer have to live on the edge, risking damage from unforeseen objects under the snow. Now, we can’t protect from everything, but trees, rocks, stumps, ice chunks and fence posts are no match for the aluminum protection our kits offer. Teaming that with rubber clamps and stainless hardware, leaves the right amount of flexibility to ensure you have give if you do hit something under the snow.

Your machine suddenly feels like a tank? The excitement of that new iron is hard to stand when you’re waiting for some of the first snow of the year, unless you’re not the one with the new sled. You can rationalize it all you want, but the odds are, the few extra pounds off your sled compared to your buddy’s probably won’t make you be able to keep up with the pros by it-self.

Solution: Added floatation on your front end will make you feel lighter, more nimble, and will enable you to carve like a pro. Some may call it an unfair advantage; we like to look at it as a hidden secret. The plates are engineered to elevate you in deep snow, keeping your front end from sinking. This same concept works amazingly well when you pull out of a hard carve or your side hilling.

Note: Although we tend to keep the plates on all season, the simple design allows for a quick on and off, providing protection in early to late season rides.

It’s hard to say if the product is better at protecting your sled or your image on the snow, but one thing is for certain – it’s something you will never want to ride without again. We guarantee it!

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