Sponsorship and Team Branding

Sponsorship and Team Branding

Sponsorship and Team Branding

In a sport that shows little room for failure, it’s important to understand the value of branding to gain a competitive edge in opportunity and equipment.

As an example, sport of snowmobiling has made some impressive changes over the last few years demonstrating the need for deep pockets if your committing to the race scene. Seasons are short, risk of injury is high and technology is changing at an impressive rate. The use of social media is a big key when branding your team and your riders however its harder and harder to get fans and keep the momentum going.

One of the keys to gain exposure and build a name like any business is positive brand exposure that builds awareness.  Awareness that brings Sponsorship through Team Branding.

Not long ago it was very difficult to unify your brand across different mediums from graphics to apparel. The rider was forced to wear some wild designs from manufactures that only allowed your branding towards your race number or forced the rider into low quality gear to be “different” … those times have past.

Pinned Performance has focused over the past several years to bring cutting edge technology to the industry through the use of leading edge garment technology that allow low quantity customized team/individual branding. We focus first on the durability of the products that we manufacture with a vision on how well they can be customized to fit each individual unique requirement.

We have teamed up with some of the best manufactures in the industry to allow a unified brand packages that allow for 100% custom designs that can be used from jerseys, fan gear and even down to the sled wraps to assure proper sponsorship placement in turn driving value to your current or future sponsors.

In the end this means your branding is the same across your shop shirts, wraps, stickers, trailers and ultimately unifying your identity and building value to your sponsors.