Ski-Doo Windshield w/ Base Kit XP, XM, XR + XRS

Pinned is finishing the final touches and will soon announce a Ski-Doo Windshield for XP, XM, XS and XR for the 2015-2016 season that is so unique and game changing its going to make you wonder how they can ever justify charging you $90+ for a plain generic.

We get it, we understand it … customization is what your after and we are employing a technology so cutting edge that we are able to deliver custom parts unique to “you” in a way you’re going to come to expect the service, quality and performance every time.  We are fundamentally re-creating your product options one at a time.  This is not an evolution, it’s a revolution and you’re on the driver seat!

In the meantime, we are offering Ski-Doo windshields custom fit for the XP, XR, XS, XRS chassis.  Please contact Pinned Support or your local dealer for more information.