BCA MTN Pro Tunnel Bag Rack & Mounting Plate

At last!  A tunnel mounting solution for one of the best storage tunnel bags on the market, the BCA MTN Pro Tunnel Bag and one that won’t break the bank at that.


Purpose Built: A solution that is purposely built for the BCA MTN Pro Tunnel bag allowing the rear of the bag to slide over the one piece sturdy aluminum mounting plate.  This design also incorporates a set of tabs deigned to secure the bag with the strap ears directly to the plate  reducing ice buildup.  Mounting holes are also cut for further mounting options or retrofitting a previous solution.

Ski-Doo LinQ Compatibility:  Leveraging the Ski-Doo LinQ holes, this plate mounts to the tunnel without any modifications and without the need for the LinQ mounting hardware making this option one of the most cost effective solutions.

LinQ Flexibility: With the ability to optionally mount LinQ adapters on the top of the mounting plate, this allows for additional flexibility as your needs change not committing to one solution or the other.  Simply detach the bag clips and slide off allowing for a number of LinQ configurations to use the plate as a base.

Brand cross compatibility with LinQ Expandability:  Now riders have an economical way to leverage LinQ options on non-LinQ equipped machines (Polaris, Arctic Cat, Yamaha or older Ski-Doo machines).

Tunnel & Wrap Protection:  Elevating the bag off the tunnel saves your tunnel from scratches and damage to your wrap and decals.

A dryer Solution: Providing an air-gap between your warm tunnel and your bag helps keep your tunnel bag dry.

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Mounting Instructions located here: Pinned MTN Pro Rack System